Sakura Festival Origami Dragon

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, May 04, 2013

Origami Dragon is a special event boss on Ninja Saga. It's a dragon made of paper. It uses water element to attack its opponents. Seal Origami Dragon using Scroll of Seal when HP remaining is 10% or less. Use Futomaki Sushi to view its HP or use the Intelligence Class jutsu you acquired during Tensai Special Jounin Exam.

Skills | Description

1. Hydro Missile - sends a missile made of water at the opponent.
2. The Fang of Gin-ryu - bites its opponent.
3. Genei Satsu - a blue-white translucent hand appears on the ground below the opponent. Causes restriction for two turns.
4.Deadly Tsunami - Summons a giant wave engulfs the entire surroundings and its opponent.

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