Sakura Festival 2013

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, May 05, 2013

This might seem a late review but it's fine since Sakura Festival 2013 is until May 16. This means that I have 10 days more at the time of writing of this post. Anyway, this year's Sakura Festival event is different than last year. Let's have a brief review of it.

Last year, Sakura Matsuri (Hanami Festival) started by the promotion of Kinjutsu: Sakura Scatter - remove all negative status and ignore 100% dodge of enemy for 1 turn. This skill can be upgraded reducing 100% dodge of enemy for 3 turns. There are also other items like the clothing, weapon, and back items. However, the most exciting part was the return of Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse. This was decided via poll. Okay I think this is enough. Let's move on.

This year's Sakura Festival is even more exciting. First, we have 4 event World Bosses. You can watch the video and see the skills - Origami Crane, Origami Deer, Origami Dragon, and Origami Bear.

futomaki sushi
Using Futomaki Sushi
scroll of seals
Sealing the monster
Second, we can have free pet which is the Origami Panda. I think that claiming this pet is the most exciting part of this event. The other rewards from the material house are bunch of craps. Like for example, who will use the Sakura Shuriken? The Tail of Kyubi? Anyone?

Third, the coolest ninja gear is back! We can have Iron Ninja Gear set again! And lastly, the return of Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse.

This year's event is quite pretty neat isn't it? Let me hear your thoughts!


1. You may use the Intelligence Class jutsu that you acquired through Tensai Jounin Exam to view monsters HP when you ran out of Futomaki Sushi.

2. There are two cheats available for Sakura Festival 2013. The damage cheat and non permanent emblem cheat which enables you to battle Origami Bear.

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