Origami Panda Pet Sakura Festival

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, May 05, 2013

Origami Panda is a special event pet released as a reward on Sakura Festival 2013. By looking to its skills below, you can tell that it is a support type pet. In my opinion, it is a good pet for low level ninjas or Chunins. It is free and has pretty good buffs.

Origami Panda Ninja Saga

Skills | Description

Lv. 1 Basic Attack
Lv. 5 Yun and Yang - Recover master 4% HP. (2 turns)
Lv. 10 Chakra Harmony - Recover master 300 CP.
Lv. 15 Nayami Soujiki - Remove all negative effects on master.
Lv. 20 Gourd Protector - Reduce 5% damage to master. (3 turns)
Lv. 30 O-Daiko - Increase master's attack damage by 6% (3 turns)

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