Recruit Ninjas Higher Than Your Level

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, April 12, 2013

Fighting monsters specially the World Bosses can be intimidating if you are at low level. If it's 1 on 1, you may have the chance to defeat them. However, in 1 vs 2 World Bosses, you   will need to recruit friends from your friend list to form a ninja team to help you.

So you go to "Recruit Friends" building from the village hoping to find a strong ninja. When we say strong ninja, it has to be with high HP/CP, high damage and has advance kinjutsus. Obviously, you can find them at higher levels.

In Ninja Saga, you can't recruit ninjas higher than your level. See the image below for proof or you can go on Facebook and have a look. My Ninja is level 31 and I can't recruit the level 32 ninjas. It says Lv!! insufficient.

Recruit Ninja

The Trick
Using this simple trick, you can recruit higher level ninjas.

1. From the village, choose the ninjas you want to recruit on your friend list. You can see them at the bottom part of the game.

Friend List Ninja Saga

3. Click the "Recruit" button. I recruited the 2 ninjas below.

4. Now see them fighting alongside my low level ninja.

Cons. Their level will be the same as you. The damage of their skill will be lowered.
Pros. Their HP and CP did not change. The damage taken from monsters are small. They can use bloodline limits. 

Level 31 using Soul Punch with a Tensai Jounin Badge

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