Defend Fire Village from Kojima

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We all knew about Kojima and his evil plans. In fact, we have fought him and his minions during the Chunin Exam. He never surrenders. This Easter, he's back for more! Using the intel that I have gathered, you can prepare a good strategy to fight them.

Defend Fire Village

Raven Ninja

Skills | Description | Effects
1. Dark Wind Strike - sends rotating dark wind to attack enemy
2. Attack - moves closer to enemy and literally attack using fists
3. Dark Tornado - summons tornado on enemy causing damage
4. Assasin Ravens - dark wind attack that causes bleeding 20% for 3 turns


Skills | Description | Effects
1. Kama Ha - a water version of the kamehame ha by Son Goku
2. Hydro Missile - summons a spinning ball of water and throw to enemycausing damage
3. Attack - moves closer to enemy and literally attack using fists
4 Mizudama Crusher - gather huge amount of water on hands attack enemy causing restriction for  2 turns


Skills | Description | Effects
1. Nether Collapse - an AOE Skill. Breaks earth to summon spikes from the ground causing damage
2. Sand Storm Smasher - engulf body with rotating sandstorm and attack enemy - causes blind 2 turns
3. Nether coffin - summons earth-made coffin and locks enemy inside dealing damage
4. Violent Fang - attack enemy with its sharp fangs and claws


Skills | Description | Effects
1. Hell hand - summon a huge hand and gripping enemy with it dealing huge damage
2. Attack - basic attack
3. Kinjutsu: Soul Chain Bundle - seals the attack power of the enemy causing them unable to move for 3 turns
4. Kinjutsu: Dark Hell Fear - inflict poison to enemy  losing 7% HP for 3 turns
5. Snow Release: Snow Flake - summons ghosts to attack enemy and causes restriction for 3 turns

Defeat the enemies as many times as you can. If we reach 100% at the end of the event, we will get the "World Reward" - 30 Token and Pet Tamadama Dragon.

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