Emblem Hack (not permanent) and God Mode This Valentines 2013

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi, the previous cheat was patched already. So here is another one that is much better. This cheat let's you do the following:

 - God Mode. You will have overpowered stats so you can 1 hit kill all monsters and boss.
 - Emblem hack. Using the cheat, you will be an emblem user. But this is not permanent.
 - TP mission. Finish TP missions 1 to 5 in an instant.

cheat ninja saga valentines 2013


Download Fiddler 2
Download SWF File


1. Download required files above.
2. Install and Run Fiddler 2.
3. Drag the SWF Files.
4. Open Ninja Saga.
5. Go to Shop.
6. Click the cheat you want and then click purchase.
7. Done! Enjoy the cheat.

Share this cheat. This cheat is made possible by Cheat Afrix. If this doesn't work then don't cry. Refresh your browser and try again.

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