Cheat Ninja Saga Valentines Day Event 2013

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Before we go to the cheat on Ninja Saga Valentines Day 2013, let's see what the Ninja Saga Dev team have prepared for us this Valentines.

1. Free back item Love Missile for Emblem users. This back item is exclusive only for emblem users. Effect: Additional 60 HP damage upon all attack.

love missile back item

2. Valentines Battle Package. This set contains Handsome hairstyle, Valentine Dating Suit, Enternal Love Scrool (back item) - increase 5% combustion chance and reduce 1% damage taken, Sword of Mirage - increase 25% accuracy. The set is worth 2300 tokens.

Valentines day 2013 package

3. Main Event. Help the mysterious boy recover his work tools - bow and arrow.

Main Objective: Collect Valentines Chocolate - heart, spade, diamond, and club by battling the Valentines Day Bosses and logging into the game every day. After accumulating enough chocolates, you can exchange it to rewards. You may notice that the rewards are bunch of craps. Only the jutsu that matters. Get it as fast as you can.

Valentine Boss Kasikoki - this boss has appeared last Valentines Day 2011. See proof here,  Valentines Day 2011.

Turn # | Name of jutsu | Damage/effects

1. Expired Choco - Cast fear to enemy making ninjutsu damage weaker by 50% (3 turns)
2. Chocolate Time - Eat chocolate to heal HP
3. Chocolate Combo - Cast "parasite" to enemy.(Drains enemy CP by 10% , 3 turns)
4. Bitter Black - Strengthens the attack of the boss by 40% (4 turns) 5. Yummy White - Reduce taken damage by 40% for 4 turns

And now for the most awaited cheat!

Cheat Ninja Saga Valentines Day Event 2013


 - Fiddler - click to download
 - SWF File - click to download


1. Download Fiddler and SWF File on this blog.
2. Open Fiddler and Drag SWF File.
3. Open Ninja Saga and clear cache.
4. Go to Shop > Press "Click" then click the "get NPC by cheat-afrix" > Click "Buy" from below then close.
5. Enjoy!

Cheat Features
 - Recruit NPC to instantly kill the Valentine Boss. Get reward fast by using this cheat. Wait for chapter 2 and use this cheat.

cheat ninja saga valentines 2013

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