Cheat Ninja Saga Christmas 2012 - Rise of Kagemusha

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. It's time for a Ninja Saga event! Kojima is back. Gear up and stop Kojima from breaking into District 3 this Christmas. Collect District 3 seal scrolls and get awesome rewards like Pet Shika, TP, and Kinjutsus.

Cheat Ninja Saga Christmas 2012 Cheat 


 - free emblem + 2000 token
 - finish TP mission 1-5
 - finish daily mission in an instant
 - Ten Tails Jinchuriki Mode (over powered stats)


cheat ninja saga christmas 2012
Cheat Ninja Saga Christmas 2012

free emblem ninja saga + 2000 tokens
free emblem + 2000 tokens

God mode ninja saga
Ten Tails Jinjuriki Mode - overpowered stats
one hit kill ninja saga
One Hit Kill

1. Download Fiddler and SWF File.
2. Run Fiddler and drag the SWF Files.
3. Clear Cache and Open Ninja Saga.
4. Go to Shop.
5. Click the cheat you want to activate and Click Buy.
6. Done!

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