Get Free Tailed Beast Pet Yobi this Thanksgiving

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tailed Beast Pet Yobi on Ninja Saga is Naruto Shippuden's Four Tails or Yonbi. The Four Tails name was Son Goku. It was sealed within Han from Iwagakure. To celebrate the Thanksgiving, Ninja Saga is giving away Tailed Beast Pet Yobi for free. Claim Yobi for free when you purchase the following packages from Ninja Saga.
  • Ninja Emblem
  • 7500 tokens 
  • 2200 tokens

free yobi pet ninja saga

Skills | Effect/Description

1.Leaf of Dark Space - Recover master's HP by 2% for 3 turns

2.Prison of Dark Space - Surround target with a prison to drain targets 10% CP and give it to master.

3. Dark Space Eye - Increase masters accuracy by 10% for 2 turns.

4. Void of Dark Space - Shift all attacks on master to the space of darkness (2 turns).

5. Dark Space Shura - Increase master's attack damage by 15% (2 turns)

6. Secret : Four Eye Shura - Empower master with the power to resist negative status for 2 turns.

Yobi Skills in Action

As you may see, Tailed Beast Pet Yobi is a support pet. It is best used by earth and water element users.

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