Cheat Ninja Saga Halloween 2012 Using Fiddler

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, November 01, 2012

This cheat let's you recruit NPCs - Lvl 70 Shin and Lvl 70 Genzu. You can use them to fight the monster from the Ninja Saga Halloween 2012 event if you are having difficulty.

 - Fiddler
 - Google Chrome / Firefox
 - SWF File ; password: cheat-afrix
 - common sense


1. Download the requirements; Fiddler and SWF File.
2. Open Ninja Saga.
3. Run Fiddler.
3. Drag the SWF File to Fiddler
4. Go to Shop > Click > Get NPC > Buy

click, get, buy

5. Go to mission and you will automatically recruit Lvl 70 Shin and Lvl 70 Genzu.

 Cheat NPC ninja saga halloween 2012

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