Cheat Friendsip Kunai on Ninja Saga to get Free Kyubi

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tailed Beast Pet Kyubi was featured at the Friendship Shop. You can get free Kyubi Pet when you have 50 friendship kunai. Unfortunately, 50 friendship kunai is hard to get. It means that you have to invite your 50 friends to play Ninja Saga. Not all of your invitation will be accepted.

cheat friendship kunai ninja saga

Method 1 - Cheat Friendship Kunai  - Manual

We can cheat friendship kunai to get the Kyubi using the following method.

1. Create 50 Facebook accounts using 50 email addresses.
2. Invite each Facebook account to play Ninja Saga
3. Accept each account and create at least lvl 1 ninja.
4. Done! You now have 50 friendship kunai!

Drawback: Doing this manually may get your IP ban because you are using only 1 IP to create Facebook accounts. Also, creating the accounts manually is painful. The Facebook accounts should be also Phone Verified. You may need to buy 50 sims to verify each account.

Method 2 - Cheat Friendship Kunai - Buy Phone Verified Facebook Accounts

1. Go to Fiverr and look for Facebook accounts seller.
2. You can buy cheap Facebook accounts fro $5.
3. Once you have the accounts, invite them to Play Ninja Saga and accept the invitation.

Method 3 - Do it the legit way

Add more friends on Facebook and ask them to accept your Ninja Saga invitation. I actually prefer this method. With patience, you can surely get the kyubi in no time.

That's it! If you know any methods to cheat friendship kunai, share them using the Contact form and I will post it here on Ninja Saga Cheats.

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