Ninja Saga Battle Adjustment (6/6) – Usage of Consumables

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, October 11, 2012

Battle Adjustment (6/6) – Usage of Consumables

Consumables are not of much importance in battles now, probably because it takes one turn to use any of them.

To encourage the usage of consumables as well as increase the excitement, it will not take a turn to use one consumable! That means, you are going to be able to launch an attack after healing yourself, or increase the power of your attack by using a power add-up consumable in advance!

Nonetheless, if you want to use 2 consumables at a time, it will still take one turn. To match this change, effects of certain consumables will also be adjusted.

The 6 adjustments will be launched one by one after the serve upgrade is finished. Time to come up with different strategies that suit your ninja!


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