Ninja Saga's Compensation Plan and Game Updates

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, September 17, 2012

After the 3rd Year Anniversary of Ninja Saga, the Devs have kept us waiting for new updates. I understand that most of us are very impatient and we don't want to be forever waiting. And because they have made us wait, Ninja Saga is planning to give a compensation package!

The compensation package include the following:
  • Free 200 tokens for everyone
  • doubled XP and Gold from missions for 2 weeks
  • 6 daily gifts to send to your friends for two weeks

Game Updates

No More Account Transfer. Due to security issues, The Devs have removed this feature.

Server and Networking Upgrade. The Devs are working on making the connections fast and better. Waiting time is expected to be much shorter than before.

New Battle Adjustments. More on this soon!

New Event?. Let's wait for the official announcement!

Are you feeling excited already? Share your thoughts about the upcoming events!

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