Ninja Saga Battle Adjustment (2/6) - Chakra Points

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, September 21, 2012

Battle Adjustment (2/6) – Chakra Points

Max CP: 100
Amount of CP for Jutsu: Fixed

In the current game design, higher level skills consume more CP. However, as lack of CP can be fatal, a lot of players choose to sacrifice skills of higher levels to preserve more CP.

To encourage everyone to develop a unique jutsu set of their level, the maximum CP will be limited to 100; leveling up will not increase the max CP anymore.

On the other hand, amount of CP required for the same type of jutsu, disregard of levels, will be the same. Other game areas that involve CP will also be adjusted accordingly.

By the way, a lot of you inquired about the AP adjustment. Don't worry, everybody will be given a chance to reset it. Stay tuned!

ninja saga chakra points
Source: Ninja Saga Fan Page

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