Ninja Saga Battle Adjustment (1/6) - Attribute Points

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, September 21, 2012

Battle Adjustment (1/6) – Attribute Points

1. Remove effect chances from AP
2. Balance AP distribution

Attribute points (AP) are originally designed to improve your primary or secondary elements.

However, with the existence of various battle effects, the way people assigning AP is more inclined to the effect chances instead of ninjutsu elements. While the effect chances are totally random, it is rather difficult for one to have control over battles. Therefore, certain effect chances such as reactive force, purify & combustion will be removed from AP.

Besides, to limit one from allocating too many AP (e.g. more than half) on one single element, there will be side effects such as reduced damage / agility etc. As everyone has at least 2 elements, this will certainly stimulate one to create new strategies & combo!

ninja saga attribute points adjustment
Source: Ninja Saga Fan Page

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