Ninja Saga 3rd Year Anniversary

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Ninja Saga and long live to all the players! It's been 3 years and Ninja Saga is still alive. Although there is a sudden drop of active players, the devs are still trying to make this game fun for all.

So how's the 3rd Anniversary Event going to you? I really felt that the devs are pushing the players to spend on tokens. Is Ninja Saga going bankruptcy already? Who would ever want to spend 20,000 tokens ($110)  on a dying game for an overpowered jutsu? Okay the rich players of course. However, from my humble opinion, that's too much.

So let's review some of the prizes and how much it will cost you. Then answer me if is it worth it to buy or not.

Anniversary Point Reward
  • Legendary Kyubi Suit + Hair Style + Tailed Beast Chakra Crystal.This set is cool. I would want to get this one. However, the price is also awesome. So I'll just stay with my default suit. Also, it doesn't help much with ninja power. It's just for fashion. This is not worthy to buy.
  • Kinjutsu: Takamagahara.This overpowered jutsu for 20,000 tokens. It burns HP & CP 10% for 10 turns and disperses positive buffs. A good jutsu but still overpriced. I would say NO THANKS for this jutsu. Good thing it's overpriced though or else it will make the game imbalance.
Shinobi Anniversary Arena
The rewards are awesome except for the:
  • Kinjutsu: Reverse Moving Water.Consume all CP and restores all HP? For Water element users, this is ridiculous. This jutsu will be more effective for Earth element users. Refresh skill would be enough for water users.
Event Issue
  • Friendship Kunais, heart of kari and crystal kari. For many people,this is difficult to get especially the friendship kunai.
  • Zombie Bug. Take a look at the picture below and see. I killed the opponents. You can even see them lying down. They won't attack anymore but the mission isn't complete yet. 

This year's anniversary would be awesome if the items can be easily acquired without even spending tokens. It's clear that the devs want's us to spend tokens. The only hope we have is to use a cheat. What can you say about the Ninja Saga 3rd Year Anniversary?

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