Can you guess what the 3 means?

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ninja Saga 3rd Year Anniversary

Yesterday, Ninja Saga has uploaded this pic on the official fan page with the description "Can you guess what the 3 means?" Well it is obviously Ninja Saga's 3rd year Anniversary event but I am not so sure of that. August 3 is Ninja Saga's birthday. But aside from that, there are those 5 ninjas with different colors. What are they? What will be their role on the upcoming event?

ninja saga 3rd year anniversary

My Prediction

So it's unclear what the number "3" means because there is no official announcement yet.Below is my prediction regarding the number "3" and the 5 ninjas on the picture.

3rd Year Anniversary. The game is turning 3 this August. I can't believe it. I thought this game will only last for 2 years. Although there is a huge drop of players lately, Ninja Saga still continues its development.

3 Elements for all ninjas. Will Ninja Saga allow a free user to wield 3 elements just like the premium users?

The competition to be one of the 5 Kages. Obviously, each color from the 5 ninjas on the pic represents the elements;fire,water,earth,lightning and wind. It would be great if Ninja Saga will launch an every week event for players to become the Kage of a given village. Of course being a Kage proves that you are the strongest among all ninjas from your village.

5 Unknown World Bosses that represents the elements. This isn't too exciting but having to fight the usual world bosses have become boring. With the release of these 5 unknown bosses, a new adventure awaits for all.

How about you guys? Can you guess what the 3 means?

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