Free Tailed Beast Pet on Ninja Saga this Fathers Day

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, June 15, 2012

Having a Tailed Beast Pet on Ninja Saga is cool especially if it's FREE. Free?! Yes, I am not kidding. Tailed Beast Pets are limited edition pets. You can only acquire them on its release date and/or in a special event like the Father Day's event on Ninja Saga. However, on this event, you can only enjoy your favourite tailed beast pet on a limited time.

free tailed best pet ninja saga
Photo credit to the Official Facebook page of Ninja Saga

Father's Challenge

Objective: Collect Soul of Tailed Beast by challenging the Tailed Beast Ancestors.
Reward: A 2 week companionship with one of the tailed beast available.

Note that you can only do one successful attempt to a Tailed Beast Ancestor a day. They are all easy to beat. You don't need an OHK cheat for this. At the time of writing, I have no idea how to get them. It is not mentioned in the game. Ninja Saga will surely roll maintenance to update the event.

Another Pocket and Token Drainer

The Soccer Fever 2012 event let's you make a guess on who you think will be the Champion and Runner Up. I tried it and you have to pay tokens. And the costs will increase as the competition progresses. It's not even worth the prize. Not unless you're an avid soccer fan.

"Free Skill" says Ninja Saga. Yes we will get the free skill only if an official purchase is made. This is another pocket drainer as 7500 tokens costs $49. The free skill, Patriarchal Faith (increase damage by 100% for 2 turns) is way too strong. Now I can say that an OHK against a pure Earth user will be possible. And I have a feeling that an upgrade version of this skill will be available soon.

Well, Happy Fathers Day to each and everyone! If you need any help regarding the event, please drop your questions in the comment section.

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