Is Ninja Saga going Extinct?

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, May 21, 2012

Is Ninja Saga going away soon?

This game have been around for almost 3 years and I can say that with the 15 million Likes on Facebook, millions of players have enjoyed this game for a while. This game also has an iOS version. Unfortunately, the number of active players has dropped dramatically. Is Ninja Saga going away soon or not?

5 Reasons why Ninja Saga is no longer fun for Veteran Players

1. Repetitive missions. Do you still enjoy completing the missions? Fighting the World Bosses? Of course not! You just do it for levelling up sake. The others find cheats to level up faster. Like the ATM EXP bank cheat on Ninja Saga.

2. Greedy Devs. You can't get good items without spending bucks. That's why a lot of players are sending me an email asking if I have a Token cheat or an Emblem cheat. And the fact is that this cheat is not permanent. But one way to Earn Token is to complete some tasks from the main site which is not working for me. And another way to get an emblem is to be active in the Facebook page of Ninja Saga and be chosen "Fan of the Week".

3. Event Fail. All events of Ninja Saga give away free stuffs from jutsu to hairstyle, equipment etc..Some stuff is easy to get while some requires you to "invite" your friends to play; which is the hardest part. And I know that most people create dummy accounts just for that. Hanami 2012 Event is fail. The 15m Event is fail. It's an event to drain your Tokens. The prizes aren't fail. But seriously, is there anyone out there who got a first prize from such events? from the daily scratch? from gashapon? Speak up!

4. Enhancement Fail. You must have read my post about "5 Reasons why a Pure Wind Ninja Sucks" . The new game enhancement, which devalued the Wind users, does nothing to make the game interesting. Agree or disagree? Ignore dodge? Increase accuracy? What a waste.

5. Game Security Fail. Who would want to go to PVP to battle opponents who can OHK you with a kunai? It isn't fun right? The lack of strong game security made this blog exist. This game has a lot of cheats which made it not fun to play anymore. Cheats have ruined the game.

I am an emblem user and these days, I have the following reasons why I login to Ninja Saga.
  • Collect my bonuses; token, free level up etc
  • Check out if devs made something interesting like new events or so
How about you? What keeps you from playing Ninja Saga? Do you think that this game is going away soon? Feel free to comment. 

Note: Everything that you have read above is just my humble opinion and curiosity towards the game and not necessarily that the game is going away.

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