Gobi (Five Tails)

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ninja Saga Tailed Beast Pet Gobi

Gobi is a tailed beast pet on Ninja Saga. It has 5 tails with a body of a dog. It specializes in all five elements; fire, water, lightning, earth and wind. Each of its tail represent one element with its representing color. The colors won't be visible unless it will cast an skill during battle. You may notice in Pet Shop that its tails are white. See the video below to see.
gobi ninja saga

In Naruto Shippuden, the five tails was named Kokou. It has a body of a white horse, head of a dolphin, 2 short horns in front and 3 long horns and of course, with five tails.

Skills | Description

1. Wind Tag:Za - Basic wind attack. Bleed enemy 2%. (1 turn)

2. Lightning Tag:Tsubaki - Lightning which induces blindness to enemy. Reduce enemy's accuracy by 10%. (2 turns)

3. Fire Tag:Yakigari - Burn to reduce enemy's 1% HP. (4 turns)

4. Earth Tag : Jin - Protect master from all attacks. (2 turns)

5. Water Tag : Yen - Suffocate and dizzy enemy with water ball. (1 turn)

6. Secret: Five Tag Genkai - Attack all enemies with different elements. Creating massive damage.

As you can see, this pet has supportive skills. It is best used by water and earth users. Other ninjas say that this pet has useless skills comparing to the previous tailed beast pets that was released.

Gobi in Action

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