5 Reasons Why a Pure Wind Ninja Sucks

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, April 29, 2012

First of all, I have the right to represent Pure Wind Ninja race since I am an emblem user. I can always reset my stats. Pure Wind Ninja have long dominated the PVP. They always get to take the initiative to attack. And with high dodge rate, they can promptly react to every enemy's move. Attacking first and dodging is the key to win a PVP battle.

pure wind ninja saga

However, I have this feeling that Pure Wind Ninja will go extinct because of these five reasons:

1. Ninja Saga has started rolling out the new adjustments on battle effects. After the Easter Event patch, new items came out;weapons that increases your accuracy up to 35%. With high accuracy, you will have higher chance to deliver your attack effectively.

2. Anti-Dodge Knjutsus. Fire and Lightning elements have kinjutsus that can reduce and ignore enemy's dodge rate. And we also have the limited edition Kinjutsu: Sakura Scatter which ignores 100% dodge up to 3 turns!

Since a Pure Wind Ninja always attack first, he may use stun and/or restricting skill. But wait, what about the:

3. Anti - Restricting / Stun Skills . The only chance a Pure Wind Ninja can attack you is when he is in Flexible status or when you are restricted/stunned. You can absolutely counter this by casting Falling Leaf Illusion to calm the target and using Kinjutsu to remove your negative status. And everything else is ruined on his part.

4. Low Ninjutsu Damage. Wind Jutsus have low damage. Imagine battling with a Pure Earth opponent. Need to say more?

5. Low Health. A Pure Fire or Lightning user can 1 hit kill a Pure Wind user. These elements possessed the highest damage ninjutsus. Not to mention, a critical damage is 150% of your normal damage.

With the addition of "increase accuracy" weapons, the game has became dull. Wind users have become powerless. The "get to attack first" can't compensate with this because their ninjutsu damage is still low.

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