Secret Talent - Icy Crystal

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Icy Crystal - Wind and Water elements combined to form a new secret talent. We all know that Wind and Water elements has the lowest damage ninjutsus. Having this secret talent increases your damage dealt and at the same time giving you extra defense.  Below are the skill tree description and effect at maximum level.

secret talent icy crystal
Skill tree of Icy Crystal

Absolute Zero Zone
Description: Chance to freeze enemy by hitting enemy with wind-water ninjutsu.
Effect: 11% chance to freeze target.
Dmg: --
CP: --
CD: Passive Skill

Secret Icy Crystal: Hakukage Horo
Description: Freeze down all the moisture and form an armor. Damage will be decrease when being attacked and target will reduce CP.
Effect: Reduce damage taken by 25% (2 turns). Reduce target's CP by 12% during target's attack
Dmg: --
CP: 728 [80 (lvl)x910%]
CD: 20

Secret Icy Crystal: Icy Kaleidoscope
Description: Hide yourself in hundreds of crystal and attack target back and forth between the crystals. Wind and Water jutsu will increase their damage.
Effect: Target receives 12% damage from wind, water ninjutsu (4 turns)
Dmg: 944 [80(lvl)x1180%]
CP: 1088 [80 (lvl)x1360%]
CD: 16

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