Ninja Saga Pure Wind build

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, March 05, 2012

I. Introduction

This is my first guide on how to raise a ninja with a pure wind build. Raising a ninja with a  pure build means focusing only on one element. You may choose a secondary and/or third (premium user) but you should focus your attribute points to one element only. On this guide, we will be talking about Wind element.

  • High Dodge rate - Most of the attacks will miss. This is a great advantage in PVP and doing solo in missions and battling World Bosses.
  • High Agility which means you will always attack first - Basically, if you have higher agility than your opponent, you will attack first. Also you have the chance to attack 2-3 times depending on the agility gap between you and your opponent. 
  • Wind Jutsu has the lowest damage of all the elements.
Note: At the time of writing, the level cap on Ninja Saga is 80. So you can only put 80 stats maximum in an attribute to your profile.

II. Pure Wind Ninja Equipment

Weapon: Wind Walker (Increase dodge by 6%)
Back Item: Straw Hat (Increase dodge by 3%) - This is the back item that is easiest to get. You can get it via friends wall.
Pet: Get an offensive pet. I recommend Keiko.

III. Ninjutsu

Evasion(increase dodge by 40% - can be upgraded) is the primary skill that you should consider. Dance of Fujin is also a must. It reduces the cooldown of all user's skills immediately by 4 - can be upgraded (excluding talents and kinjutsu). As a pure wind user, you rely on your stun-lock and restriction skills. If you want a second element, choose Water element. Get restriction skills and Purify.

Extreme Talent: Dark Eye -  Dark Eye passive skill gives 5% bonus dodge at max level. You can also train Eight Extremities. Eight Extremities Strengthen increases agility by 20% at max level. It also provide high-damage Taijutsu Skills with less CP cost. It makes up for the weak jutsus of pure wind.

Secret Talent: Demon Sound - Phantom Wave reduces target's accuracy and critical by 20% for 3 turns. Get Hidden Silhouette as your second Secret Talent.

IV. Attacking Tips

You will always attack first, unless you have a pure Wind user opponent. Cast Evasion or restrict your target.  Attack only if you are under Evasion buff or your target is stunned or restricted. This is your only chance of dealing damage. Also be observant of the skill cooldowns. Your damage is low so it will take more blows to kill an opponent.

This guide is based on my experience. If you have any suggestion or a much better guide for a Pure Wind user, drop them in the comments. Stay tune! I will be posting more PURE element builds.

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