Pets and Love - a Ninja Saga Valentines Day 2012 Event

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pets and Love is a Ninja Saga Valentines Day 2012 event that started on February 8, 2012 and ends on 20th of February. All ninjas are given challenging and exciting missions. Limited edition rewards such as Valentines pet, hairstyle, weapon, clothing, back item and kinjutsu will be given after each completed mission. Feel the Love! Play now!

From Ninja Saga Official Facebook Page

ninja saga valentines day 2012
Image is credited to Ninja Saga Official Fan Page
Get Love this Valentines day in Ninja Saga. Experience what Valentine means and not just love of emotions but also more challenging missions for your Ninjas in this Valentine's Day Event! Do you feel the excitement? Login to the game now!

Missions and Rewards

A ninja will receive a 1 Love Seed everyday after he login to the game. He can use it to complete certain missions such as getting Valentines pet Kumanosuke. A ninja must complete the previous mission to continue the following missions.

1. Kumanosuke pet
  • Collect 1 Love Seed.
Kumanosuke Skills

2. Charming Aura Red/Pink/Black (back item)
  • Put one pet into the Pet Villa - The pet will undergo training. Training time will be reduced by 50%.
  • Invite new friend to play or pay 50 tokens to skip this step.
     Aura Effects: increase all damage 2% / reduced taken damage 2% / increase critical       chance 2%

3. 2012 Valentines Day Hairstyle
  • Collect 4 flowers from friends or pay 60 tokens 
  • Collect 10 Valentines day envelopes or pay 80 tokens
4. 2012 Valentines Day Tuxedo
  • Help Kumanosuke to learn 1 skill or pay 30 tokens
  • Collect 3 Love Seeds or pay 150 tokens
5. Kinjutsu: Advance Baku shinjutsu
  • Ask friends to help collect 3 roses or pay 45 tokens
  • ---
Skill Preview

6. Laconic/ Special/ Fine/ Mystery Boquet (weapon)
  • Invite a friend to play Ninja Saga.
  • Collect 5 Love Seeds.

All Rewards Preview

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