3in1 Cheat: Share Token, Recruit Dark NPCs, All Stat Points 100

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I stumble across this cheat which does 3 things; unlimited share of token, recruiting the Dark NPCs for free and cheating the attribute points to all elements 100. This cheat is way better than the Earn Token feature in Ninja Saga. It also has a bonus feature that let's you have the privileges of a premium user; create a private room on Live PVP.

What the Cheat Can Do

Unlimited Token Share - If you use this cheat with a dummy account, imagine how many tokens you can collect. Share the tokens in you dummy account's profile and start claiming them all using your main account.

All Stat Points 100 - All elements will have 100 points .

Recruit Lvl 100 Dark NPCs - Defeat the bosses and level up fast by recruiting the Lvl 100 Dark NPCs.


How to Use the Cheat

  1. Download the SWF file and Fiddler.
  2. Open Ninja Saga.
  3. Run Fiddler>Click the "Auto Responder" tab and drag and drop the SWF files.
  4. Clear cache. Press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE button to do it quick.
  5. Go to Pet Shop and Click " Compilation Hackz [Siky]
  6. Click "Buy" and Enjoy!
Still Working on: February 1, 2012

Some Screenshots

Video Tutorial


This cheat was made by Purnama Yasa. See the original posting of this cheat at: NS Script Hack

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