11 Ninja Saga Cheats in 1 - Working February 18, 2012

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, February 17, 2012

This cheat is working 100% as of February 18, 2012. This cheat has 11 features listed below with corresponding descriptions. Remember that to cheat certain missions, you need to reach the required level. Otherwise, you can't do the cheat.

  • Auto Kill World Boss - You don't need to fight the Bosses to collect magatama.
  • Mission TP 1 - Instantly complete TP mission 1.
  • Mission TP 2 -  Instantly complete TP mission 2.
  • Mission TP 3 -  Instantly complete TP mission 3.
  • Mission TP 4 -  Instantly complete TP mission 4.
  • Complete Daily Task - Instantly complete the daily task.
  • Dark NPCs + All points 100 - You can recruit lv. 100 NPCs and all your stats are 100.
  • Complete Chunin Exam - No need to undergo the tests. You will instantly become a Chunin if your level is 20.
  • Complete Jounin Exam. Instantly become a Jounin without doing the test if your level is 40.
  • Achievement hack - Get all the achievements without doing anything. Achievements have no importance as of now but I believed that in the future, it will serve its purpose.
  • Emblem + 2000 Token - This is not permanent. 


This cheat is made possibly byPurnama Yasa of NsScriptHack


- Fiddler
- SWF File (password is cheatnssiky.blogspot.com)

Instructions on how to use the cheat

1. Download Fiddler and SWF File.
2. Run Fiddler.
3. Extract the SWF file.
4. Click Auto Responder > Check " Enable automatic responses" > Check " Unmatched requests passthrough" > drag all the items to the Fiddler except the Read Me file. See the screenshot below.

4. Clear cache.
5. Open Ninja Saga and click the SHOP.
6. Click a cheat and click BUY.
7. Enjoy the cheat!

Note: You might get disconnected for some time. Just refresh the page and you'll get it working again. Use the cheat responsibly. Don't abuse or you'll get banned.

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