Ninja Saga Christmas Event 2011

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ninja Saga has started the Christmas Event 2011 earlier by giving away free Classic X'mas Pack which includes classic x'mas hairstyle, x'mas suit and pet Shika. You can claim this package when you purchase the following packages from December 7 - 19, 2011: Emblem, 7500 tokens, 2200 tokens, 1000 tokens. Ninja Saga has also launched a Christmas event.

ninja saga christmas event 2011
Classic Xmas Pack

Santa Claus Quest

Santa Claus has prepared different missions. Claim all of the prizes below when you complete the requirements. It's all piece of cake.

Ninja Style Christmas Suit
Get one piece from the package when you..
- Complete 5 missions
- Send gift bag to friends
- Challenge Christmas Boss: Yukidaruma

Christmas Elf Suit
Get one piece from the package when you..
- Complete daily task
- Challenge Christmas Boss: Yukidaruma
- Get 4 pieces of cloth by requesting it to your wall

Kinjutsu: Pandora Box
Change the effect of the Kinjutsu when you..
- Complete 1 mission
- Send gift bag to friends
- Get 4 Gold ores by requesting it to your wall

Christmas Boss 2011: Yukidaruma

X'mas Boss 2011

Skills | Description

Status: Not completed - The boss died of Serene Mind. Haven't discovered other skills. If you know it please post at the comments section. Thanks!

1. White Storm - Shower you with snow flakes
2. Yukidaruma Rage - Increase strength by ?%
3. Dumpling Snowballs - Inflict bleeding by ?% and damages for 1k+
4. Frozen Strike - Stun for 2 turns
5. Headbutt -
6. Frozen Snowballs? - Inflict frozen status to enemy

Christmas Package 2011-Limited Edition

christmas package 2011 ninja saga

The package costs 2300 Token and includes the following:
1.Christmas Package 2011 Hairstyle
2.Multi function coat
3.Ancient Pipe (back item)- 5% chance to restrict enemy who attack user for 1 turn.
4.Mystic Magnifying Glass (weapon)

Christmas and New Year Special Gifts

Every time you log in on Ninja Saga, you will get a ginger bread coin. You can use the ginger bread coin to pick up a special gift. The special gift will be randomly selected by the system. You can spend 10 token to pick up gift if you run out of coins.

Tailed Beast - Eight Tails

Kyubi pet or the Nine Tailed Beast pet was released last August. And now behold! - the Eight Tailed Beast pet. It's way more cool than Kyubi. Get this by doing an official payment  for emblem, 7500 tokens or 2200 tokens.


1. Raido Armor - Increase pet's attack damage by 100% and critical chance by 25%. Side Effect: Take extra damage by 20%. (4 turns)
2. Secret: Lightning Doppelganger Impulse - Use lightning power to produce impulse and attack all targets, all targets reduce 10% HP each turn (2 turns)
3. Secret: Wave of Haze Lightning - Focus all the chakra in a seal and attack all targets. Targets will not be able to use jutsu. (1 turns)

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