Season 18 Clan War Rewards

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, November 05, 2011

Champion: Emblem Elite
- Kinjutsu: Shadow of Nightmares
- Customized Clan Clothing
- Ultimate Katana Yiwashimizu (Weapon)
- Kamimachi Lantern (Back Item)
- Magatama set
- 150 Tokens

As you may observed, the rewards have different look from what Ninja Saga has uploaded on the official fan page. This is an EPIC FAIL! The correct images are displayed below not this one.

 kamimachi lantern and yiwashimzu

Ultimate Katana Yiwashimizu (Weapon)

Effect:Inflict posison when attack with weapon - Reduce 2% HP for 3 turns.

Kamimachi Lantern (Back Item)

Effect:Increase 4% critical rate and recover HP by 1%

Ultimate Katana Yiwashimizu (Weapon)
- Kamimachi Lantern (Back Item)

Kinjutsu: Shadow of Nightmares

Effect: Incept nightmares to target's mind to drain 10% of target's CP, and inflict chaos. (2 turns)

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