Ninja Saga Halloween 2011 Event

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, October 24, 2011

Ninja Saga Halloween 2011 event has started earlier by Ninja Saga by giving us an offer of 50% discount on gold skills last week. Ninja Saga has also released Halloween 2011 pet: Kabocha Samurai. Reward items will be claimed this Halloween!

Ninja Saga Halloween 2011 Event

I. Halloween Doll Exchange - Exchange Halloween dolls for exclusive Halloween Items.

Death Doll - Rescue friends from zombie attack.
Bat Doll - Complete a mission = 1 bat doll. Knock down boss = 3 bat dolls.
Pumpkin Doll - Visit and ask friends to give you pumpkin doll.
Frankenstein Doll  - Login daily to get this doll.

II. Halloween Prizes

Hairstyle - 2011 Halloween Limited Hairstyle
Clothing - Vampire Suit
Weapon - Vampire Sword - Recover 50 HP when used.
Back Item - Vampire Cloak - Increases healing power of scrolls by 100.
Genjutsu - Kinjutsu: Bats Transformation - Transform into bats and stun enemy for 2 turns.

This is not yet complete. I just got the back item and the suit.

Genjutsu - Kinjutsu: Bats Transformation

III. Pumpkin Power
Pumpkin power increases when a friend accepts your requests to upgrade your pumpkin power and gives you a pumpkin doll. Pumpkin power level limit is level 5 only. Attack bonus and Defense bonus varies according to level.

IV. Halloween Package From October 26 - November 13, 2011

merlin suit ninja saga

Merlin Suit for only 2300 token
Hairstyle - Merlin's Hat Limited Edition
Suit - Merlin's Robe
Back Item - Merlin's magical book : increases damage by 5%
Weapon - Merlin's Rod - Each time successful attack enemy reduce Genjutsu cool down for 3 turns

V. Halloween 2011 Boss - Pumpkin Kurosuke

Pumpkin kurosuke

Skills | Description - There is no name for the skills so I named it myself. LOL

1. Poison - Showers pumpkins on you causing 1600 damage and poison status by 3% for 2 turns
2. Throw Exploding pumpkin - damages you by 150+
3. Exploding cake - Explode the cake on you causing damage and 2% burn status for 2 turns
4. Secret : Pumpkin Headbut - Focus all the Pumkin Power into his head and headbutt all the enemies and stun for 1 turn.
5. Pumpkin Bunshin Blind Jutsu -Multiplies into 3 pumpkins, stomps the ground causing 999 damage and blind status for 2 turns.
6. Healing Candies - Shower himself with Halloween candies. Heals for 2500.

VI. Halloween Exclusive Emblem Set - All emblem user can obtain Teddy Bear Battle Suit from October 31 - November 6, 2011.

 teddy bear battle suit

Halloween 2010 Recall

I. Halloween Pets 2010 - You can no longer acquire them since these pets are limited on Halloween 2010 only.
  • Kisuke - A pumpkin headed pet. You can get this by doing an official payment.
  • Yamaru the vampire bat - For emblem users only. Costs 400 token.
  • Yajiro - brother of Yamaru. You can get his on your friend's profiles.

II. Halloween Back Items 2010 - You can no longer acquire them since these pets are limited on Halloween 2010 only.
  • Evil Wing/ Wing of the Devil - Effects: Reduce damage taken by 5%. How to acquire: Halloween Prize, shared on friend's Facebook profiles.
  • Sickle - Effects: 10% chance to absorb 1% of enemy's max health. How to acquire: Halloween Prize, available only on friends Facebook walls!
III. Halloween 2010 Costumes and Events
Trick o' Treat your friends and collect candies. Exchange the candies to Halloween costumes like skeleton, Frankenstein and mummy. I got them all!

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