Halloween Pet: Kabocha Samurai

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Pet: Kabocha Samurai is an event pet limited only this Halloween 2011. Last year, Ninja Saga has given away free halloween pet kisuke. Claim this special event pet by purchasing the following packages from October 14 - 25,  2011:

  • Emblem
  • 7500 tokens
  • 2000 tokens 

Kabocha Samurai

Skills | Description

1.Kabocha Kiri - Insert Chakra into his samurai sword and throw it to enemy.
2. Kabocha Ikari - Using his anger to burn target into dust, target HP will be bernt down by 5% in each turn. (4 turns).
3. Kinjutsu: Kabocha Hedda -Kinjutsu: Focus all the Pumkin Power into his head and headbutt all the enemies.
4. Kinjutsu: Kabocha Issen - Focus the Pumkin Power on a slash, after perform increase pet's attack damage by 100% and critical chance by 25% (Side Effect: take extra damage by 20% - 4 turns).

Skills Preview

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