Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse Hack

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, September 30, 2011

Kinjutsu:Phantom Impulse 

Effect: Kinjutsu:Phantom Impulse targets 10% maximum HP as damage. Damage done not affected by any status. This Justu can be dodged.

How to acquire: You can claim this jutsu as bonus when you purchase the following: Emblem package, 2200 Token package or 7500 Token package from September 30, 2011 - October 9, 2011.

Update: You can now buy this justu in the academy for 900 tokens. You can also upgrade the jutsu for a limited time only.

Upgraded Version 
Effect: Target 15% maximum HP as damage for the next 5 turns. Upgrade costs 500 token.

How to use Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse to it's Maximum Potential

 Phantom Impluse Kinjutsu This skill is best used in fighting enemies with high HP, especially World Bosses such as Soul General Mutoh. You can use this skill along with Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal (Reduce target's CURRENT HP by 25%). Use Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal first before Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse . Note that there is a huge difference between CURRENT HP and MAXIMUM HP.Using the two kinjutsus, you can deal 35% damage.

Phantom Impulse Kinjutsu Hack

Disclaimer: I did not make the hack. Don't cry if it does not work. Use cheats at your own risk.

Video Preview

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