Shikigami Dori - Ninja Saga 2nd Anniversary World Boss

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shikigami Dori is a special event World Boss. It appears during the 2nd anniversary of Ninja Saga. Every ninja of all levels can challenge Shikigami Dori to obtain a fire badge.Share this event and you'll get a forest badge. Complete missions from Kage and get a wind badge. Log in everyday to get a rock badge. At the time of writing, the badges are of no clue on where to be used.

Shikigami Dori

Skills | Description

  • Peck Strike - Dive towards enemy to inflict damage.
  • Fire Release: Great Burning Wave - blows fire towards enemy. Inflict burning status (lose 2% HP for 2 turns)
  • Fire Release: Flame Burst - Creates a fire vortex near enemy to inflict 2% burning for 2 turns.

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