Kyubi (Nine Tails)

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ninja Saga Tailed Beast Pet Kyubi

Pet KyubiTailed beast pet Kyubi is a white and orange fox with 9 tails. I believe that this pet is/will be the strongest pet among all tailed beast because it uses fire release ninjutsu. The burn effects and restriction made this pet a good support as well as offense in PVP and boss hunting.

The Kyubi pet on Ninja Saga is a limited pet. You will only get this by performing official payments from August 05 to August 14, 2011.Credits to Karius for the screenshot. This pet is displayed on the Pet Shop and is priced 5,000 tokens but can not be purchase.

Skills | Description

1. Basic Attack - pet's basic attack

2. Light Fire Ball - Shoots a small fireball from it's mouth. Like a tailed beast bomb. Burn enemy HP by 2% for 2 turns.

3. Gedo Cannon - Shoots chakra beam to restrict target for 2 turns

4. Gedo Armor - Increase pet's attack damage by 100% and critical chance by 25% (Side effect: take extra damage by 20%)(2 turns)

5. Secret : Fire Bullet Combo - Shoot fireballs to enemy to reduce HP (2%) for 4 turns

6. Secret : Broken Gedo World - Shoots chakra beam to restrict all target for 1 turn. AOE.

Ninja Saga Pet Kyubi Screenshot

Kyubi in Action

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