Tensai Special Jounin Stage 5 Tips on Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, July 25, 2011

If you're watching Naruto Shippudden, then you will notice that this Tensai special Jounin Exam on Ninja Saga is similar to the 4th Ninja World War. And this time you will heal the wounded ninjas. To pass this test, you have to heal the ninjas quickly.

Stage 5-1: Medical Division

You will heal the wounded ninjas. There are three (3) stages of this mission. On stage 1, you will match one healing item to heal a ninja. On stage 2 and 3, you will match 3 - 4 healing items. This mission tests your speed and accuracy. You can opt in to heal them all if you can't keep up by using your token. Watch the video below.

Video Preview

Stage 5-2: Time to Flight Back

After healing your comrades, they can now go back to war.

Video Preview

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