Tensai Special Jounin Stage 4 Tips on Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, July 15, 2011

 If you passed the Tensai Special Jounin Stage 3, then you are ready to take this exam. Here are some tips for you. Train your ninja to learn new skill and go back to war to save the village.

Stage 4-1: Secret Training

  • Scroll out to make Ninja Saga as small as possible, this will allow you to move around quicker when clicking your targets.
  • Click as much as you like, there is no inclined penalty for missing so if you maneuver your way around the explosive targets you will be able to pass over targets (provided your still clicking) and hit them.
  • Make sure to hit the oldest targets as soon as possible, get them before the explode.

Video Preview

Stage 4-2: Sword Vs. Ninjutsu

After the training from Stage 1, time to fight! Just do the bacis of fighting. Scrolls, Recruits and disabling skills. You will surely pass this one.

Video Preview

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