Guide to Farming Gold in Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, July 07, 2011

Need gold in ninja saga? You can have as much as you want without using any cheat. But you need a little effort. Listed below are the missions that drop expensive weapons. Sell those weapons that you got on the Merchant Shop. This guide is identical to "How to level up fast guide" but this time its for gold not experience.

Update: The easy missions listed below now drops random weapons and not the usual weapon before. Just do the missions. The higher the mission level, the more expensive bonus weapon will come out.
ninja saga gold

 Missions for Genin (level 1-19)
  • Lvl 13 Escape Criminals
  • Lvl 17 Rescue Action
  • Level 19 Threatening Soil Village

Missions for Chunin (level 20-39)
  • Lvl 23 Phantom Ninja 
  • Lvl 30 The Secret Package from Yuna
  • Lvl 38 Merchant Assassination
Missions for Jounin (level 40-59)
  • Level 44 Request from the Rock Village
Missions for Tensai Special Jounin (level 60-80)
  • Level 60 Fierce Cats Gone Wild
  • Level 62 Hunt the Rebel
Do the missions above. Those are good source of gold in ninja saga. In addition, you can spin the wheel everyday. 80% of your spin gives you gold and multiply that by 6. If you don't believe this, you can use cheat anyways.

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