Ninja Saga iOS Version

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, June 06, 2011

Ninja Saga is now available on the following gadgets; iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Ninja Saga iOS version was inspired by Ninja Saga on social networking sites but this is a lot different from the SNS version.

ninja saga iOS version
Source: Ninja Saga Wikia (iOS)

Features of Ninja Saga iOS version
The features of the SNS version is almost the same as the iOS version.
  • You can team up with 3 ninja  (2 on SNS version)
  • Customize your ninja with weapons, outfit and ninjutsu
  • Five ninjutsu elements
Future Updates
  • Player vs Player (PVP
  • Clan Wars
  • Group Hunting
  • Random Map Generation

Main Menu

Town Hall




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