List of Clan War Back Items on Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, June 09, 2011

These are the back items rewarded to the winners of Clan Wars on Ninja Saga. You might also like to see the following lists of back items.

Season 8 - Scroll of Golden Snake

Effect: Increase all attack damage by 4%, and Decrease damage taken by 4%.

Season 9 - Akazonae Gunbai

Effect: Increase critical rate and accuracy by 4%.

Season 10 - Kikyo Umbrella

Effect: 6% chance to convert damage taken into health.

Season 11 - Tensho Compass

Effect: Increase attack damage by 4% and recover HP by 1% every turn

Season 12 - Blood Evil Gourd

Effect: Increase Maximum HP by 5%.

Season 13 - Kishu Twin Blades

Effect: Increase accuracy by 8%.

Season 14 -  Yabusa Knife

Effect:  4% increase damage and ignore dodge of opponent by 4%.

Season 15 - Seitenken

Effect: Recover CP after HP Reduction (20% of HP reduction)

Season 16 - King Kong Ring (Dharmacakra) 

Effect: Recover Hp by 1% and reduces damage received by 4%

Season 17: Paper Envoy of God

Effect: Increases attack damage and reduces damage receive by 4%

Season 18: Kamamichi Lantern

Effect:Increase 4% critical rate and recover HP by 1%
Ultimate Katana Yiwashimizu (Weapon)
- Kamimachi Lantern (Back Item)

Season 19: Magatama Soul Barrel (Back Item)

Effect: Increase 4% critical and ignore 4% target's dodge.

 Magatama Soul Barrel (Back Item) and Ultimate Blade Gawari (Weapon)

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