Level 60 Kinjutsu Preview [video]

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fujin Vacuum Storm - Reduce 20% critical chance (4 turns), increase 3 lightning ninjutsu cool down, receives 120% damage if player is under "Kinjutsu: Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough" status effect.

Yama Great Fire Cannon - Reduce 20% dodge (4 turns), increase 3 wind ninjutsu cool down and reduce 8% HP on attack if player is under "Kinjutsu:
Fire Phoenix Breath" status effect.

Narukami Great Lightning Bullet - Reduce 20% reactive force chance (4 turns), increase 3 earth ninjutsu cool down and  receive 100% critical hit if player is under "Kinjutsu: Ultimate Lightning Boost" status effect.

Golemn Great Smash - Reduce 20% purify chance (4 turns), increase 3 water ninjutsu cool down and ignore disable target from healing if player is under "Kimjutsu: Golem Rock Gauntlets" status effects.

Strong Arm of Suiten - Reduce 20% combustion chance (4 turns), increase 3 fire ninjutsu cool down and reduce 50% damage if player is under "Kinjutsu: Shark Encampment Shield" status effects.

Video Preview

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