The 6th Coffin Theory - Naruto Shippuden

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who's on the 6th Coffin?

On Chapter 490 in Naruto Shipudden, Kabuto wanted to join forces with Uchiha Madara. He summoned the first five coffins which reveal the former Akatsuki members namely Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Nagato. Madara questioned Kabuto what will happen if he will not join forces. Kabuto summoned another coffin, the 6th coffin, and Uchiha Madara was shocked on what he saw. What's inside the 6th coffin? The 6th coffin is known to be Kabuto's trump card.

Could it be the following?

Orochimaru - Do you think Orochimaru is dead? or sealed by the Susanoo? All summons from the 5 coffins are Akatsuki members and I thought that the 6th coffin is also a former member. Right after orochimaru was sealed by the Susanoo, a snake tries to escape. But later on killed by the amaterasu flames.Orochimaru is a scientist and have collected DNAs from powerful ninjas. Do you think Orochimaru know the weakness of Uchiha Madara and that is what Madara is afraid of?

Uchiha Izuna - The brother of Uchiha Madara. It was told that Madara took Izuna's eyes. Do you think Kabuto summoned Izuna to confront Madara. Or is Kabuto thought only of Izuna who can beat Madara?

Sage of the Six Paths 

Uchiha Madara - I don't think the 6th coffin is Uchiha Madara because Uchiha Madara is alive on another body.

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