New Taijutsu - Kinjutsu: Angry Ninja

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, April 02, 2011

I don't know if this is a kind of a joke but Ninja Saga posted this on their wall. I  tried to find the new Kinjutsu and found nothing. LOL

From Ninja Saga Official Game
"New Taijutsu - Kinjutsu: Angry Ninja

OMG! Shin is trapped! How careless!
The new kinjutsu, Angry Ninja can be so useful! Now, place yourself on the slingshot, shoot to crush the barrels, and save Shin!

How to shoot? Touch and tap your computer monitor to aim and shoot! Have fun!
And, don't kill Shin "by accident"! You know what I mean! Cheers!"

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