Hanami Festival Boss: Ryu

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, April 01, 2011

In order to gain more items to complete your stages on the Hanami Festival on Ninja Saga, a new mission: Hanami Photo Hunt and Hanami Boss: Ryu was released.

From Ninja Saga Official Game
"Ryu sensei has hanami items for his top students! Show him what you got and get his approval"

Boss Info and Skills
Ryu sensei is not a monster. He is a ninja like you and uses taijutsu skills.
Boss Level = Your Ninja Level
XP/Gold Reward: 1000/1000

Skills | Description
Ryu sensei uses taijutsu skills available on the academy.
  • Thousand Violence Strike - Stuns for 3 seconds
  • Hundred Break - Stuns for 3 seconds
  • Dynamic Kick
  • Eight Gate Opening
  • Shadow Combat Strike
  • Dragon Bullet - Jumps and releases a fire dragon to attack and weaken your damage by 90%?. Damage 600-700

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