FREE Hanami Folding Fan Back Item

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, April 04, 2011

Ninja Saga has a special offer to all the ninja saga players. For only 2700 tokens you can get the Festival Special Package which consists of the following:

Limited 2011 Hairstyle (For Hanami Only) = 200 Tokens
Wavy Kung Fu with Geta (Clothing)          =  1500 Tokens
Choto Sakuran (Weapon)                         =    1200 Tokens
 - damage: 360
                                                                       3700 Tokens (if bought individually)

If you bought these items as package, you will only spend 2700 Tokens. That's a lot of savings! And that's not all. You will get a FREE "Hanami Folding Fan Back Item"; Increase dodge rate and critical rate by 3%.

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