Event Exclusive Back Items on Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, April 10, 2011

These are the back items acquired during events on Ninja Saga.
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Anniversary - Exclusive Back Items

Carnival Fan
Effects: Increase all type og damage to 3%
How to acquire: Emblem users only, this back item was released during the carnivals.

Carnival Taiko
Effects: Increase HP by 5 per turn(kinda useless)
How to acquire: Released during the pre anniversary of Ninja Saga, collect 15 badges to get the item.

Christmas Exclusive Back Items

Roasted Turkey
Effects: Increases HP for 20 points per turn.
How to acquire: Christmas Prize, shared on friends Facebook Profile.

Snow Flake
Effects: 3% chance to freeze enemy who attack user for 1 turn (frozen target cannot move but damage taken is reduce for 30%)
How to acquire: Redeem 55 Pinecones until January 5, 2011

Angel Wings
Effects: Increase attack damage and accuracy by 3%.
How to Acquire:Emblem user only, Redeem during Christmas event.

Christmas Bag
Effects: Reduce damage taken by 10.
How to Acquire:Redeem 55 Pinecones until January 5, 2011

Easter Exclusive Back Items

Carrot Launcher Back Item
Effect: Increase agility by 1. Easter 2011 Limited Edition.
Way to acquire: Unlock radish launcher back item and collect monster eggs.

Egg Hunter Basket
Effect: Increase 6% accuracy
How to obtain: Easter Festival Special Package

Radish Launcher Back Item
Effect: Easter 2011 Limited Edition - It will fly you to the moon!
Way to acquire: Collect sage eggs during Easter 2011.

Halloween Exclusive Back Items

Effects: 10% chance to absorb 1% of enemy's max health
How to acquire: Halloween Prize, available only on friends Facebook walls!

Evil Wing/ Wing of the Devil
Effects: Reduce damage taken by 5%
How to acquire: Halloween Prize, shared on friend's Facebook profiles

Hanami Festival Back Items

Hanami Lantern Back Item
Way to acquire: Complete " Stage 4" progress on Hanami Festival on Ninja Saga.
Effect: Reduce damage taken by 15.

Hanami Folding Fan
Effect:Increase dodge rate and critical rate by 3%
How to obtain: Hanami Festival Special Package

Japan Disaster Exclusive Back Items

Disaster Medic Kit
Effect: 100% of purchase goes to Disaster Relief Donation.
Way to Acquire: Purchase in the store before 21st of March in the back item area (500 tokens).

Mother's Day Exclusive Back Items

Childhood Memories
Effect: None.
Way to Acquire: Collect at least four flowers before May 9, 2011

Thanks Giving Exclusive Back Items

Ninja Saga Thanksgiving Balloons
Effect: Increase maximum HP by 2%. This item is good for pure earth ninjas.
How to Acquire: Buy a premium account and you will get this free. Limited edition!Nov.17 - Dec. 1, 2010

Valentines Exclusive Back Item

Rose Bouquet
Effect: Recover CP 5% extra per charge.
Way to Acquire: Reach 'Friend' stage with your royal guest by collecting and giving valentine items to them.

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