Easter Pet: Itikura and Rakura

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, April 29, 2011

Itikura and Rakura
Easter Pet: Itikura
How to acquire: Collect Sage eggs during the Easter Event on Ninja Saga 2011.

Skills | Description

Lv 1:Basic atack-nothing special
Lv 5:Swift kick-nothing special
Lv 10:Chakra bullet-Disables target from charging (1 turn)
Lv 15:'Weak point focus-Increase critical rate by 15% and critical damage by 30% (2 turns)
Lv 20:Secret:Absolute Chakra Shield-50% chance to stun target for 1 turn.

Easter Pet: Rakura
Rakura is the upgrade version of pet Itikura. See the difference of their skills below.

Skills | Description

LV 1: Attack-nothing special
LV 5:Swift Kick-nothing special
LV 10:Chakra bullet-disables target from charging 2 turns.
LV 15:Weak Point focus-increases critical chance by 15% and critical damage by 30% (3 turns)
LV 20:Secret:Absolute Chakra Shield-stuns target for 1 turn.
LV 30:Secret:Absolute Chakra Strike-30% chance to remove buffs from target

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