R.I.P. Soul General Mutoh - How to Kill the Samurai Boss

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I know you are having difficulty on defeating the Samurai Boss. So today I'm gonna share to you on how I killed the boss. Below is my ninja PervySage and the other two ninjas were my friends Pervy(Chad Guzman) and Jehp(Philip James). Both are emblem users. If you want to add them on Facebook here are their profiles. Chad Guzman and Philip James.

Disclaimer: This guide is based on my experience and is 100% true. Do not blame me if this guide will not work on you for I do not own and control your ninja. Blame yourself because you are weak. 

 Useful damaging skills and items that we've used
  • Hellfire - burns enemy HP by 3% for 2 turns
  •  Blaze - burns enemy HP by 1% for 10 turns
  • Burning Yanki Sickle - 60% chance to inflict burning status by 1% for 3 turns
  • Pet Leiko's Poison attack - Reduce 3% HP by 2 turns
  • Kagero weapon - inflict burning status by 1.5% for 2 turns, 35% chance
Useful negative buff skills and supporting skills
  • Meridians destruction - restrict 2 turns and 30% to disperse enemy buffs
  • Dark Curse Ceremony - Reduce enemy's crit, dodge and accuracy for 10% in 2 turns
  • Lightning Flash - blind 70%, 2 turns
  • Golem Protection - reduce taken damage by 40% for 3 turns
  • Hidden Among Rocks - reduce taken damage by 100% and increase the damage by 75% for the next turn, 1 turn
  • Embrace of Golem - increase HP by 5% every turn and won't be affected by negative buffs, 3 turns
  • Water Bundle - restrict target for 2 turns
  • Shield of Suiten - take damage by CP instead of HP 3 turns
  •  Refresh Rank 9 - heals by 1110
  • Prison Colliding Wave - decrease enemy HP and CP by 2% and stun by 2 turns
  • Water Renewal - Regenerate 13% CP every turn for 3 turns
Genjutsu used
  • Fat Woman Transformation, Dark Curse Ceremony etc..
Extreme and Secret Talents
  • Dark Eye and Explosive Lava(that's me)
  • Eye of Mirror and Hidden Silhouette (Pervy and Jehp)
Analyzing the skills and the talents that we have, we have lots of damaging and restricting skills. However, the Samurai Boss is capable of purifying himself which disperses all the negative buffs. I, then used my restriction and stunning skills as reserve skills whenever the Samurai uses purify. The battle lasts for 7 minutes. We continued attacking until the boss dies. The strategy using the skills above to kill the boss is very self explanatory.

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