Ninja Saga World Boss: Soul General Mutoh

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another update has been released. Why is it NS team is taking too long to release the 11 updates? It would take a year to release them all. Sigh! I am waiting for the private PVP and the party PVP. And also the Secret Black Ops Test and Training.

Recently, the NS team released the new world boss: Soul General Mutoh. It was obviously a samurai. And here is a description from Ninja Saga:
Once dead, but resurrected with (Kinjutsu: Reverse Soul Resurrection), Soul General is now a rank-SS criminal who escaped from the Samu Village and serve as a secret weapon.
I don't know any character on Naruto Shippudden that relates to this update of Ninja Saga. I was thinking about Zabuza since he was resurrected using impure world resurrection. 

World Boss Information

- drops a sword; Bizen Mutoh Masamune. The sword's attack power is 320. There is no current upgrade for the weapon at the time of writing.
- drops level 3-5 magatama
- gives 68225 EXP and 30000 gold
- capable of doing an AOE attack
- capable of  "purify"

Turn # | Name of jutsu | Damage/Effect

Update: As of March 15, 2011, this is the list of all the skills of the boss with the description, damage and cooldown.

1. Kenjutsu:Sanmoji - damage 600,  cooldown is 6,  Bleeding 5% for 2 turns

2. Kenjutsu:Zanshin - dismantle 2 turns, damage 540, bleeding 5% for 2 turns

3. Kenjutsu:Kakiri - dashing attack causing 480 damage and 5% bleeding for 2 turns, cooldown is 4

4. Futsu no Mitama - increases the accuracy by 50% of the samuraifor 9 turns, cooldown: 10

5. Kenjutsu:Ichimonji - raises sword and attack opponent with a damage of 480

6. Muramasa no Mitama - increases the critical rate by 50% of the samurai for 9 turns, cooldown: 10

7. Akugyakubudou - damage 1200+ and stun 2 turns, cooldown: 14

8. Ikken Nyukon - increases the attack damage of the samurai by 150% for 2 turns, cooldown: 15

9. Muramasa Kenjutsu: Sanpogiri - summons a spirit samurai that attack with "disperse" and deals 720 damage, cooldown: 6

10. Futsu Kenjutsu: Itto Ryodan - an AOE attack, deals 500 - 800 damage and burns 25% CP

11. Futsu Kenjutsu:Munenmuso - An attack that disperses all buffs of the enemy, damage 600

12. Futsu Kenjutsu:Ukenagashi - jump attack that causes bleeding 20% for 2 turns  and 540 damag, cooldown 0

13. Futsu Kenjutsu:Juken - fuse weapon with lightning and shoots to the enemy, damage 600, cooldown: 6

14. Kenjutsu: Kesa - damage: 600, cooldown: 0, 20% bleeding for 2 turns

15. Muramasa Kenjutsu: Senbongiri - AOE attack that causes 660 damage, cooldown:6 and burns 25% CP

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