Ninja Saga Secret Black Ops Training

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, March 21, 2011

A lot of you may be asking questions on what is next to Tenzai Jounin? Is this the maximum level cap, 60 only? Well, there is a good news to you guys because this year, Ninja Saga will be releasing the new ninja rank " Black Ops". Ninja Saga didn't mention a specific date on the Game Updates Section on when will be the release of such rank.

Wonder why NS Team is taking so long to release this rank? Because Ninja Saga wants you to prepare for it! I feel that the Black Ops Training will be very difficult even for emblem users. Why? Ninja Saga has released the boss Samurai and is hard to beat. Even emblem users don't stand a chance if they have no good strategy. All of the new bosses and new missions will not be going to be easy in the near future. However, this is only one of the things we can think of about the Secret Black Ops Training.

Why do we ask these stuffs anyway? Let us wait for the Devs' for the nest update of Ninja Saga. May be we have gone crazy of waiting LOL.

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