Ninja Saga celebrates Hanami Festival

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ninja Saga has released a new event. It's the Hanami Festival. So what's up with the event? Shin will reward you something if you will complete the five stages of progress. The event is until April 07, 2011. So don't miss a day without playing Ninja Saga. Below is the summary of the flow of the event.

In order to complete a progress, you have to collect the items required. After collecting such items, you can immediately get the rewards from Shin. The rewards are the following:

Stage 1: Kunai Print Green Yukata

Stage 2. Sakura Battle Fan

Stage 3. Limited Hanami Hairstyle

Stage 4. Hanami Lantern

Stage 5. Ponpoco Pet

Ready: Kinjtsu: Kizui Kimama

How do I collect the required items?

You can collect the required items by doing the following:
  • Request for the items. Just click the request button on the Ninja Saga game.
  • Finish mission. The mission is a memory game. Just like the "Weird Potion" mission on TP training
  • Fight. Defeat Irata, Aoi and Kenta
  • Buy using tokens
  • Some stage requires you to invite friends to get the item
The number of required items are given. Doing the above list to collect items give you random drop of items. You can view the items that you have using the "inventory". Just click the show inventory.

Festival Offer for Premium users
  • Hanami set clothing - increase the drop chance of hanami items. You can get it by making an official payment.
What are you waiting for? Play Ninja Saga now. On the following posts, I'll show you the skills of the pet Ponpoco.

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