Ninja Saga Bloodline Limits

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, March 07, 2011

Have you ever heard or read about the bloodline limit on Ninja Saga? You might be aware that you can have the  bloodline skills using cheat like the Amaterasu. Amaterasu deals 9,999 damage. Before the secret and extreme talent came out, there is a link on the "Headquarters" on Ninja Saga that says Bloodline(coming soon).You must be lvl40+ to have bloodline skills.  So I thought when Ninja Saga remove the link they are not going to continue working on the bloodline skills rather releasing the extreme and secret talents.

I have a list of the bloodline skills which I will be posting on the next post. Those skills are so familiar with the secret talents our ninja has today. So I was starting to think that the "Bloodline Skills" are now the "Secret Talents" on Ninja Saga. Agree guys? Let me have your comment.

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